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Configuration and Upgrades: Servers, OS, Apps, Security and Printers

Installing New Software, Printers or Other Equipment?  Save Time and Trouble.  Let us help!

  • SOFTWARE: Installation and Configuration Plus User Guidance.
  • SECURITY: Setting Up Secure Access, Backup, Firewalls, VPN Connections.
  • PRINTERS: Find and Fix Problems with Your Printers, Plus Install New Equipment.

At e-comp, we take the confusion and drudgery out of Installing, Configuring and Upgrading your Operating Systems and Mission Critical Applications. Many Businesses and Individuals will often “fly-through” an install, not fully realizing the power they wield during the Initial Installation, or even more so during and often Complex Custom Configuration.  The Challenges these Options present can be daunting to the average user, and are multiplied when Apps or System Tools must Work Together and Communicate with each other.  This often goes beyond a Single Workstation, but rather taking into account the Network Architecture, what Services are Offered by Servers in your Network.  Even smaller shops often don’t realize that they have Server Components in there Networking Infrastructure, and that the subtleties to configure Mission Critical End-User Applications and Server Components can slow down system performance, or even cause intermittent problems that bring your workers production to a halt.  At e-comp, we have years of experience getting the Various Components of your entire IT Structure working together, literally like a fine tuned machine.  Give us a call today!

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