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Networks, WiFi and VPN

Network troubles? Dropouts? Slow? Get Help. We Get It Fixed Quick!

  • TROUBLESHOOTING: Find and fix issues with your network, internet, WiFi, VPN connections, etc.
  • UPGRADING: New routers, switches, cabling, workstations, servers, backup etc.
  • CONSULTING: Help you figure out what sort of solution works best for your company.

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Security & Software

Installing new printers or software?  Save Time and trouble.  Let us help!

  • PRINTERS: Find and fix problems with your printers plus install new equipment.
  • SOFTWARE: Installation and configuration plus user guidance.
  • SECURITY: Setting up secure access, backup, firewalls, VPN connections.

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Ongoing IT Support

Why hire IT Infrastructure Service,  when you can rent cheaply by the hour?

  • WEEKLY VISITS:  Get a weekly fix-­‐and-­‐maintenance visit starting at just $250/week.
  • MAINTENANCE:  Scheduled maintenance, backup, installation, troubleshooting etc.
  • PAY BY THE HOUR:  Save money without cutting back on IT. Hire us by the hour.

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Computer Running Slow or Locking Up?  Blue Screen or Beachball?

Have an e-comp Technician Evaluate Your Computer, PC or Mac!  We offer a Wide Variety of Solutions Including  PC Optimization, Memory and Storage Upgrades, Virus Scan and Removal, Cleaning, Repair and MORE!  LOW PRICE GUARANTEED!

Expert Support and Personal Training

We Can Identify and Help Troubleshoot Viruses and Malware, and Help Protect It from Future Threats.  From Novice to Geek, We Can Help with Training for Windows and Mac at Any Level of Expertise, and Fair Pricing!

Easy and Convenient

Your Free Consult takes just a few Minutes!  Not sure which solution is best for you? Call us to learn more. Get a FREE quote. Find out what it will cost before you start!  Servicing LOS ANGELES since 1985!

Call us now at (213) 221-9238

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From Soup to Nuts: Providing For All Your Tech Needs!

  • Install: e-comp Plugs You In, Installing Software, Hardware and Network Appliances across the Enterprise.
  • Config: From Individual Workstations to Multiple Cross-Platform Devices and Co-Dependent Applications.
  • Upgrade: e-comp Scales You Up, Giving you More Software and Hardware Power When You Need It.
  • Repair: e-comp Repairs and Maintains Systems On Site. Most Problems Solved The Very Same Day!
  • Network: e-comp Designs a Complete Network Strategy, Single or Multi-Platform, In House or Out in The Cloud Forming a Scalable Networking Plan.

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