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We Design, Configure, Build and Maintain Local and Remote Wired and Wireless Networks

Network troubles?  Dropouts?  Slow?  Get help now.  We get it fixed quick!

At e-comp, our Network Technicians are experts in fixing issues in your existing network, leveraging your current infrastructure.  This is a fancy way of saying:  You probably already have a bunch of ethernet cables and a WiFi router connecting your computer workstations and devices, creating a network, probably for Internet Access, and might not even realize the full potential of your original investment!  Many smaller businesses already have made the investment of network infrastructure, cabled or wireless, and are unaware.  If you already have an existing physical network, then by merely reconfiguring each workstation such an enterprise now can share files locally, make backups from one computer to another, and gain much more return on their original investment.  (we configure a computer by just moving our fingers across some keyboards performing our “magic!”)

And not just smaller shops, but often an entire department of a larger business has not taken advantage of configuring their network to gain full advantage of existing infrastructure.  Sometimes with a simple change or addition (of a switch for example) a department can create a more efficient network topology or structure that makes for a more responsive computing experience, and is easier to troubleshoot and diagnose down the road.

Increase the Internet Access Speed of Your Organization

Often, as an organization grows or its need for more data in less time increase, an information bottleneck will occur.  This happens as more individuals vie for the same amount of internet bandwidth, or “pipe.”  It can also occur because of a paradigm shift in an industry, suddenly requiring more band width, more speed intensive applications, such as video and streaming.  At e-comp, we’ve approached this problem of aggregating bandwidth with cost-effective solutions that are scalable and won’t break the bank!  Some use a Brute-Force method, of simply purchasing the next tier of service from their ISP, their Internet Service Provider, at significant cost, month after month.   Bandwidth Aggregation,  or Load Balancing, can allow a company to add more internet speed as you need it, in small chunks, with economical DSL lines increasing the overall size of your internet “pipe.”  With an initial investment in relatively inexpensive network appliances, your organization can double, triple, etc. the access for your workers, and get more out of your current investment in workstations and personnel.

Connecting multiple offices, even in remote locations

 Voice Over IP

Wired vs. Wireless




  • TROUBLESHOOTING: We find and fix issues with your network, internet, WiFi, VPN connections, etc.
  • UPGRADING: New routers, switches, cabling, workstations, servers, backup etc.
  • CONSULTING: We can help you figure out what sort of solution works best for your company.

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