Having Fun With Technology for Three Decades

My name is Mike Krupa, and I was practically born with a soldering iron in my hand.  I was building analog and digital circuits before I was a teen, back when Dinosaurs were still wandering Southern California.  I started e-comp in the early 80’s, recognizing the potential of the then revolutionary new PC Platform, the XT with a Rip-Snortin’ 8 Bit, 4 MHz Speed CPU, maxing out at a whopping 640 KB (Yes, that’s KB, Kilobytes, not even one megabyte of memory!)  I had been writing various business applications in a variety of languages and platforms at the time.  I once again migrated to a new computing environment, this time dBase III and started writing a suite of Accounting Applications.

From there, as I installed computers and customized my Accounting Suite for a variety of companies, I grew with the industry, eventually moving into Server / Workstation architectures, and providing a host of services that naturally went along with them.  Today, e-comp provides services from basic to the most advanced: Installing, Configuring and Repairing Individual PCs and Macs, to Desigining and Implementing Server/Workstation Installations Across the Enterprise, and Beyond utilizing VPN and The Cloud.

Every day brings new challenges and I take great pride in keeping my customers happy and satisfied.  If you are looking for someone to help troubleshoot and manage your IT needs, give us a call today:

Call (213) 221-9238