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Great Service to the LA Area at Fair Prices!  From Individual Computers to Servers, Workstations, Routers and Networking Appliances.  PC and Mac.  Networking / WiFi / VPN Specialists.  Servicing the Greater Los Angeles Area and Environs.

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When Time Is Of The Essense

Give us a call.  Most Problems Resolved That Very Day!  Fast Turnaround.  Great service.  Fair prices.
PC and Mac, Servers, Workstations and Mobile Devices, Network / WiFi / VPN Specialists.

Limited Time 10% Off! Give Us A Call at (213) 221-9238

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Securing Your Digital Assets

You’re Concerned for the Safety and Security of Your Mission Critical Data.  We Implement Strategies for Securing, Backing Up and Protecting Your Data Stores from Intrusion, Disasters, Viruses and Malware.

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The Best Deal On IT Support

Quick, Reliable and Affordable Service.  Free Quotes.  Why Hire when you can Rent?  Call to Learn More about our Weekly Service Packages. Servicing The Greater Los Angeles Area for Three Decades!

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Cabling, Install, Virus Removal

Basic Services, such as Cabling or an Initial Consult, with Credit Towards Future Services. Install New PC & Mac Workstations, Backup and Storage. Install New Stand Alone Single User Software and Printers. Cabling. Cure Virus and Malware Attacks.

Networking, Routers, VPN

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More Challenging Services, such as Networked Workstation and Mobile Devices in the Enterprise or Configuring Simple Peer-to-Peer / Work Group Servers, and Off-Site Connectivity

Server/Workstation Design

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Premium Services such as Complete Server / Workstation Network Design and Integration, Critical Cross Platform Functionality, Mail / FTP / Web Servers and Integration with Client Apps Across the Enterprise.

Communications, Networking and Technology Solutions Just Right for Your Business

We're everything you want and need for your IT Infrastructure: Quick, reliable and affordable service. Call us for an appointment. Free Quotes. Also Check Out Our "Rent an IT Specialist" Service with Weekly and Monthly Visits.

Servicing Los Angeles for Nearly Three Decades!

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The Right Service to Fit Your Needs

  • Install Software, Hardware and Network Appliances across the Enterprise
  • Configure Individual Workstations to Multiple Cross-Platform Devices
  • Upgrade Software and Hardware, Giving You More Power When You Need It
  • Networking In House or Out in The Cloud Forming a Scalable Strategy.
  • Repair and Maintain Systems On Site. Most Problems Resolved The Same Day.


Not sure which solution is best for you? Call us to learn more. Get a FREE quote. Find out what it will cost before you start! Servicing Los Angeles for Over Three Decades!

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